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I get about 10 calls per day. All of which I answer and I get hung up on.

So annoying. What is wrong with your IVR. I will soon press harassment charges. Calls come from: 251-973-6414 385-220-6160 415-366-8500 This has been going on for weeks.

It is now constant. I am a 440 area code and I do not want your calls anymore. No I can't even submit this because I have to use 100 words.

This entire process is ridiculous. apoe8wut;kloansdpfoihqwe;foiausndvpouiqhwe;fouiansd;fkunqwepfiuasdlfkujnqwepriuashdf;kjqwheauiosdhvkl;jqwefl;iuasjhd;ckjnqwelfiuasdlvkjasldiuqwhelkjnasdlciuaqweilufaw aslifj laskdfj alskdfjl laskdjfl laskjd laskdjflalskdf alskdf alskdlskdfj sdkfjsd lkj lkj lkj lkj lkj lkj lkj lkj oui hik uhkij kjh kj hkj hkjh kjh

Review about: National Health Enrollment Center Customer Care.

Reason of review: Harassment.

Preferred solution: LEAVE ME ALONE / STOP CALLING ME.

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What we should do is start calling these people back and waste their time the way they do us.

2546297680 I called 20 times in a row to give them a taste of their own medicine

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