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3x a day at moments. Stop calling as I am on the Do Not Call List nationally.

This company bothers me every day multiple times and cannot provide me a good rate in any case. It's a waste of time. Called me at 7.45am today and again at 1 pm. If I can find enough people pissed off or if someone has a class action lawsuit against the National Health Enrollment Center I will.

As well as all of the rest of these calls suddenly coming in daily on our phones. It is ridiculous we are disturbed or interrupting our day. The very fact I am having to write this and can't just state the first two sentences which are enough.

Finally at 100 words... so done!

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They're running some sort of "elaborate" scam which is a complete waste of time, If there is a lawsuit I'd be happy to join in.


If there is a class action law suit I would like to join too. They called me 15 times yesterday (5/14/2018) and 3 times today (5/15/2018).

They are texting me now as I have blocked all the phone numbers that they are calling me from. I can't even get to "put me on your do not call list" As I am hung up on when I say I have health insurance.

Seriously I may have to change my phone number at this point. Is there something that can be done?


I also would like to join in on a class action law suit for this company.


I would join in on the class action lawsuit.


I would like to join in on this class action lawsuit. These people refused to stop calling me, so I had to change my number..

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