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Constant phone calls under different phone numbers that appear to be local and are the same automated idiot - ANA. I have asked them to stop calling as I HAVE health insurance and not interested.

They hang up when I am speaking with a live person. I have asked for a supervisor too. How do we get them to not call anymore? It is harassment at this point.

I am tired of the calls and more tired of the scam they are running. It is ridiculous beyond belief when they call your house 2 -3 times a day and it is nothing of use.

Review about: National Health Enrollment Center Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I keep getting a ridiculous amount of calls as well. I block one number, and 5 more numbers show up.

I am required to answer calls for work and I never know whether the person calling is legit or whether it is another spam! I finally got an agent and explained I wanted removed. The man informs me that " I called him three times in a row". I told him this is not correct, i receive numerous calls from "Anna with the national health care enrollment center" and I never signed up for them and I want removed.

I also informed him that these calls are a violation of the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act and if these calls do not stop, I will be forced to take legal action. He stated he understood but then continued asking me if I have insurance. I responded that I did and he started harassing me about who it is through.

After I stated that "I don't think I need to disclose that to be removed from the list and to end the harassing calls" and he continued saying that I WOULD BE VIOLATING THE LAWS IF I DIDNT TELL HIM BECAUSE INSURANCE IS REQUIRED!!! how do I make this stop?!


Your error is in answering the calls.

Let them ring away and eventually they will stop.

And yes, they pirate phone numbers from your exchange to make it seem as if there is a call that you will want to answer - very dirty business !

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