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National Health Enrollment calls me at LEAST four or five times a day. Every number is different and spoofed, using my area code. I have called back at 833-768-7089 many times and asked to be removed. Even after I am told I would be removed, I get another call an hour later - from a different number.

Now, this company sends me TEXT messages!??

The people you do get to talk to are very rude. Like anyone would actually DO business with these people?

These calls are beyond ridiculous! I have been on the Do Not Call for my cell phone since 2007. Yet, this place continues to call. Even when I tell them I DO have insurance, they still call. Something needs to be done. I have reported them to the FTC as well. Robocalls with a message from 'Angie.' However, there is NO Angie. But, there are other people who do answer when you call the toll-free number.

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