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I got 3-5 calls/day for a few days and nvr answered bc i assumed it was a telamarketer. I finally just decided to answer on the off chance it was someone i knew from back home who didnt want to leave a vmail, since the number had the same 716 area code.

It was a woman who started talking about health plans, saying theyre based in Va. So i asked why they have a Buffalo area code and she said, "We're a nationwide company based out of Fort Lauderdale" (...oh, florida now?).... I told her i get health coverage through work and am not interested, so she then tried overtalking me, saying how she could save me $. She didnt shut tf up until i asked if overtalking customers has ever gotten her a sale before.....

She hesitated for a few seconds then tried to go right back into her thing, and just continued to talk and talk nonstop while i repeated that this entire call has been recorded and that this would be the last time they ever called me.

After saying that 3-4 times i hung up and havent heard back since. Not going to hold my breath, but all good thus far so i would recommend a similar response for anyone else getting harrassed.

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