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I was contacted by National Enrollment Company after someone entered my phone number in the Affordable Healthcare Exchange. Over the time period of two days, in excess of 30 calls.

In one hour alone, I received over 10 calls. I then called the company back and I got 'TOM'. When I asked Tom to remove my name from their database system, he hung up on me. Thinking it was in error, I called back again and Tom once again answered the phone and when I advised him that I wanted to be removed from their database, he hung up once more.

In the meantime, I continued to receive incoming phone calls from National Health Enrollment Center.

Is there anyone I can talk to about these harassing hone calls. Really, this is outrageous.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with National Health Enrollment Center. The most disappointing about marketing calls from National Health Enrollment Center was repeated phone calls, harassing phone calls all day and disrespectful name calling agent Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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they have calling to since this all started in June 19 of this year and they wont stop it isn't real because they said they were from FLA I I live in pa


This guy says as far as he knows they are with the government!


Hi - I, too, get about 10 calls a day. After reading the helpful comments below, I called the National Enrollment Center at 888-201-5266 and selected "0." (Don't select customer service or you'll be on hold forever.) A normal-sounding guy answered and I nicely said that I already have insurance through my employer and asked how I could get off their list.

He nicely explained that third parties are the ones who robocall (my word, not his) and then forward interested parties to insurance companies like his.

He said that he took me off his company's call list, which is updated weekly; however, there may be other companies with which I need to repeat the process. I'll repeat this process until I stop getting calls.


It's a good thing that I do not know where these people are, because if I DID- I'd go find this "TOM"- and after I got done with him, he would need some health care enrollment HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

to VKW #1472692



I have received 8 phone calls in the last three hours from "Randy" about a phony application for health insurance. I also received 10 more calls yesterday from other people about the same thing.

They all say I applied online for health insurance. Since I'm 72 years old and have a Medicare Advantage plan, there's NO WAY I applied for insurance. I'm getting tired of being harassed by the "National Health Enrollment" and I am thinking of changing my phone number.

This is ridiculous! (and they are SO rude!!)


Stop calling me!!!!!!


Yep...called these suckers to put me on their do not call list...did no good. Sooooooo....I had some extra time to kill today waiting for my laundry to dry so I thought I’d just turn the tables a bit.

There are three (I am sure even more) numbers I have gotten just today to sell me health insurance that I had supposedly inquired about over the internet. Of course I had not because I have insurance at work. Anyhow I asked them all nicely...then not so nicely to put me on their list not to call. It did not work....

SO I waged a bit of a war....since I had time to kill and was purt near pissed off at the bastards. I called them repeatedly over and over saying nothing until they hung up... I did this literally for hours. The first two numbers finally blocked my number and since they did can longer call me either.

Those lines were answered by folks with no foreign accent so I supposed it was in this country...unless they are recruiting tellmarketer scam artists from America now. Anyways the last number had a definate middle eastern accent, maybe India. Those critters are tenacious. Took them almost two hours to finally block my number.

They were feisty too...I know I got cussed at in every dialect from whatever hellacious bunghole of a country it originated. The numbers were spoofed local too which layer got changed I am sure....anyhow my laundrys done.


Actually taking time from my busy day to contact each of the companies they purport to offer plans for... American Family Insurance for instance says they do not do business with them..They ignore the "Do Not Call" list,, spoof the number they are calling from to one that looks local to you etc. etc.Time to close these vermin down.


I say we get a lawyer and start a class action suit against them and any company for whom they are acting as an agent.


Me too! All day I got calls..they would hang up, all from numbers from different states.

I blocked all the numbers from calling me on my phone.

One of them even said to me “you keep cutting me off so never mind” and hung up. I was ready to throw my phone out the window.


I tell them I want to buy healthcare for a family of six. Give made up info on non existent family, when transferred to sales I repeat my story, but hang up on myself mid sentence and immediately block the number that called me. They try and try to call me back but can't get through.

to too muchtime #1432313


to too muchtime #1469659

waste as much of their time as u can..probably the best response. Anyone who think the govt Do Not Call is being enforced is foolish - it is out of control in the US now.


You can call them back and bug them at 888-201-5266 they hate that I got their number by one of their callerS calling me from it by mistake. They don’t like the multiple calls but they live to make them.

to Anonymous #1425071

God bless you. It is time we retaliate!

I have been harrasedcwithvyhese calks for over a year. I called to tell them I will be calling them every day for the next year


I am having same problem!!!! Every time I see a number that starts with 788- ....the other 4 numbers always vary because I am blocking these 788 numbers every time one comes up...and it is many times a day!!!


I have blocked 11 different numbers with the same area code about the SAME THING! I ALREADY HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE!

They call me at work, they call me at home, all day! Stop *&^%ing calling me!!!!!!!!!


Just started happening to me today. 3 in 1/2 hour.

I went out for 2 hours and came home to 14 ("if you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again") messages.

20 more until now at 4:15pm. Never put my name in for anything!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1335052

They call me every day 3/4 times. I am tired of this.

Even I told them to remove my number but they don't listen. They even call me more. I am sick and tired of this.

Is there anyone in the USA who can help me with this matter? Please help!!

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