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We receive taped phone calls all day long from Tom from healthcare enrollment center. They call on different numbers and if I answer it’s always the same messsge, if I don’t answer they hang up when my machine picks up.

They routinely use false caller Id names, including the place where my daughter works or the nursing home where my grandmother lives. I answered because I thought it was my daughter or grandmother and that is when I discovered they are same messages.

This is outrageous that they are allowed to use fake caller ids just to get you to answer. They should be fined and I should be compensated for harassing phone calls and being deceived.

Review about: National Health Enrollment Center Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I will have to agree that this is a false statement. I have had the same insurance carrier for the past 20+ years.

I have never actively sought out health insurance much less given them my phone #.

They are just calling random numbers, Phishing for suckers. What they are doing is Illegal & if it isn't it should be


Again, as a reminder to everyone complaining about this organization: you gave them your personal details, including your phone number when you went to their site in search of insurance. Always do your initial search using a false name and phone number but with your current city location. When you find what you want, go back in and use your real info.

to h.kitchener #1445481

This is false - I have had insurance through my employer for 12 years and have never had a need to find my own coverage. I never went to their site or gave them any of my information. Maybe don't run around 'reminding' people of stuff they didn't do...

to JMo #1486044

Same here!!! They called asking for a man I’ve never heard of...

I said this is not his phone u have the wrong number. They call a hundred times a day and will not stop! I said Today “why do you keep calling” the guy said “you went to our site and asked for more info” he said I have ur name address phone number social security number I know everything about u... I said then what’s my name and address?

He said Jeremy mason! I said do I sound like a Jeremy to you *** Im a woman what else u got? He said that is all...

I said I’m not interested in anything u have delete this number... and they KEEP CALLING!!!!

to h.kitchener #1473805

Incorrect. These are automated phishing phone calls from google voice and other such VoIP numbers. This is just a new form of robodialer.

to h.kitchener #1486049

I didn’t give them anything! They keep calling and I don’t have a clue how they got my number but they keep asking for someone who I don’t know.... this just started a few days ago but they’re rude as crap also...

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