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They call continually even when you press 2 to be taken off the call list, it goes directly to a live telemarketer and the moment you mention "Don't Call" they hang up! I can tell the call center is out of the country, like India even though Caller ID say Flushing NY.

I hear a strong accent and they keep reading from a script. ANNOYING! FRUSTRATING!

I hope Donald Trump will do something about this type of Call Centers, it's so un-American business practice to run such a rude & annoying business to just hang up? What has happened to the pride in First Class Customer Service that Nordstrom taught everybody in the 80's.

Review about: National Health Enrollment Center Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1293434

why would someone who is rude and bullying do anything about this practice. SOP for guys like him!

Lexington, South Carolina, United States #1292658

I am so sick and tired of you people who think DT is a freaking saviour!! He's their knight in shining armour!!

When are you yahoos going to wake up and smell the roses? Even when you finally open your blind eyes and realize you people are wrong about this *** you still will not admit it. You are all just like him, self centered, self righteous, narcissistic...

I could go on and on... but not going to waste any more of my short lived freedom on trying to get it through your thick skulls.


What does Nordstrom have to do with these obnoxious calls? I haven't noticed particularly good service in their stores, anyway.


Donald Trump -- nor anybody else in the U.S. -- can't do diddley-squat about these callers.

They are outside U.S. borders, and therefore beyond the reach of American law.

They are not a business; they are outright criminals. A group of them was busted in mid-2016 or so. They filled a seven-story building and were taking in $(M?B?)illions by heartlessly exploiting the fears of vulnerable victims.

If they were in the U.S., -- and could be found -- they would be prosecutable as an Organized Racket.

India sometimes catches them, but, really, is it in their interest to do so vigorously?

After all, they don't target people in their country, and they do bring in a lot of money...

Your best bet is NoMoRoBo. And keep reporting scammers when you uncover them; that helps all of us.

Muggenhof, Bayern, Germany #1289714

Nordstrom? Oh, you mean the company that removed Ivanka Trump's clothing line?

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1289713

I agree this is ridiculous. Their recorded message says they are responding for the back brace information I requested (i didn't).

When I talk to someone live and he hears I am not on Medicare he just hangs up-- off to the next call. Great business model.

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